SUE (Haenam)

Dear sir/madam

My name is Lee, Jeong-sik. I'm member of 'Haenam group for the conservation of Haenam's tidal-falt and waterfowl'.

Haenam region is very importance region for waterfowl and wetland. Last and this year survey by Nial Moores have no doubt about this right.

It can be presumed that between 200,000- 300,000 waterfowl over-winter (i.e. are present between December and January) in the Haenam region - the highest number recorded of any area in the nationwide survey.

The most important species recorded in the winter survey in Haenam include Ciconia boyciana, Platelea leucorodia, Anser fabalis serrirostris, Anser albifrons frontalis, Tadorna tadorna, Anas formosa, Grus vipio and Larus saundersi. Probably 2 (possibly 3) Aquila heliaca and 2 Galerida cristata (both National Natural Monuments) at Haenam

were the only individuals of these species observed nationwide.

The Baikal Teal Anas formosa count of 168,000 was the highest count of this species anywhere in the world for 50 years. The species is considered at risk of extinction, and declined significantly between the early part of this century (when it was considered the most numerous duck in east Asia) and the 1980s when only about 40, 000 were thought to remain worldwide (Moores, 1996). The Kochonnam count represents approximately 160% of the known world population establishing the site as easily the most important one for the species in the world. In the spring and autumn surveys the most important species on the tidal-flats include Pluvialis squatarola, Calidris alpina sakhalina, Numenius arquata orientalis, Tringa guttifer and Xenus cinereus. The Haenam tidal-flats in 1998 were tenth nationwide in terms of peak counts of shorebird numbers supported (out of about 40 tidal-flat areas surveyed). ( Nial Moores Report copied)

Through the survey data reported Ramsar convention in costarica at 1999.

Most importance region in reported area Haenam is 'The Reclamed Area before Dangduri of Youngam lake'. The area is core zone of 3 site in Haenam.

Good condition of the area is different environment of wetland and good disturbance, access the food.

As the area make a big road by 'Rural development Corporation(government corporation)' because of make a rice field now. Rural Development Corporation promised stoped construction works by the group at Nov. 22. Because waterfowl visit the region during the winter.

After promise, the corporation be forced to more work. The work mobilize 5 vehicle(dump) and heavy machine, more person that vehicle is rapidly running through core zone center. The area is mostly destroyed. The result, most birds be carried away the area. I think that International Important wetland of 3 site in Haenam damage according to that neglect.

Please, I require that internationally environment group including Ramsar Bureau pressure to government for solve this problem.


Lee, Jeong-sik

Tel : 082-61-279-0040 (School),082-61-273-2861(Home)

The Haenam Group for the Conservation of Haenam's tidal-flats and Waterfowl